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Why Choose Us?

Do you know how the average American is currently finding an attorney when they are in need of legal advice? (Clue: it’s no longer lawyer directories!) Do they simply “Google” local attorneys? Maybe they utilize social media for referrals or recommendations? How much merit do they give reviews they find? Where do they find the reviews that they do take into consideration? These are a lot of questions to consider if you are an attorney building your business. It takes a lot of time and internet savviness to find these answers. Do you have the time? After all you went to school to be an attorney, not an internet marketing consultant. Who will be able to help you answer these questions and navigate the rapidly changing world of SEO and  internet marketing? According to Manta, there are over 126,000 advertising and marketing companies in the United States. So let’s ask the most important question, why choose us as your lawyer marketing consultant?

First, some more math for you.  There are over 1 million attorneys in the U.S. and almost 50,000 more graduating each year. If attorneys were dispersed among the states equally, there would be 20,000 attorneys in each state and 1,000 more added each year. That’s a lot of competition! It is more important to find a marketing consultant that will help you to stand out from the crowd now than it ever has been.

With the ever changing internet technology, it is nearly impossible to stay up to date with current trends. The average internet browser today, does not conduct a search the same way they did 10 years ago. Even though Google is still the internet powerhouse, (you never hear someone say “Yahoo a recipe for me”) social media is on a rapid climb. What is the reason for this? Consumers are so overwhelmed by the amount of information that is on the web (and how much of it is inaccurate) that they would much rather eat at a restaurant that their friend bragged about on Facebook, or watch a movie that was liked in their news feed, or….hire an attorney that they just read raving reviews about! The problem is, this all takes an enormous amount of time, and after all, you went to school to be an attorney, not an internet marketer.

At FirmFinder, not only are we staying up to date with the latest trends and making sure you are everywhere your customers are looking, but we only do it for attorneys. Nobody knows the the lawyer marketing industry like we do! Contact us now to speak with one of our legal marketing experts (not an uneducated sales rep) and find out how FirmFinder can help your business grow!