3 Effective Social Media Strategies for Law Firms to Boost Engagement

Did you know? A survey reveals that 70% of lawyers and law firms are already using social media as part of their marketing strategy. More than 40% of these respondents claim that social media plays a vital role in client acquisition.

With that being said, we have noticed that social media for lawyers and law firms hasn’t quite reached its potential.  It’s because law firms still don’t know how to successfully engage their target audience through their social media profiles.

Is that something you’re guilty of too?

Here are the best social media marketing strategies that can improve your customer engagement:

1. Create a Game Plan

Every lawyer knows that they can’t win a case without proper preparation.  Your social media strategies require the same kind of effort.

A powerful social media plan needs:

  • The Right Platform: Focus on setting up social media accounts that are frequented by your target audience. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Good Content: Sync your account with your blog to share tips, guidelines, and other helpful information with your clients.
  • A Proper Schedule: Make sure to maintain an active account by posting content according to a schedule. Also, remember to share holiday greetings and seasonal posts.

These three elements allow you to have a significant impact on your target audience.   Your followers will consider your social media profile as their go-to place for legal aid. Also, posting consistent content makes can increase your online visibility.

2. Stay Alert and Attentive

The general public prefers to hire lawyers who are attuned with the world and also willing to lend a hand.  You can use your social media profiles to create this brand persona by trying to balance your promotional campaigns with informative posts.

Here are a few things you can do to improve social media interactions:

  • Assign an hour each day to respond to queries and questions from your followers.
  • Use social listening to adapt to a more user-centric social media strategy.
  • Try to stay neutral when trolls or disgruntled clients lash out on your social media profiles.
  • Quickly address problems and issues.
  • Use your social media DMs and messengers to follow up on clients.
  • Share news updates and other valuable articles with your followers.

In short, use your social media profiles as a medium to connect with the audience. The only way to do this is if you can engage them with educational content, professional advice, and an attentive persona.

3. Be Authentic

Social media platforms give you the opportunity to cultivate a strong bond with your clients. If you keep your daily posts dry and uninspiring, then you won’t form that much-needed connection.

It’s why you should try to create a content strategy that is dynamic, personable, and authentic. It should be something that sells your brand without appearing gimmicky or distant.

Here are a few ideas that can work in your favor:

  • Share informative blogs and videos to explain legal terms in laymen language.
  • Introduce your lawyers and other professionals via corporate videos.
  • Avoid stock images and generic visuals.
  • Build good PR by associating with charities and goodwill organizations.

In other words, develop a social media strategy that highlights your best traits and humanizes your brand.

In a Nutshell

In the end, the right way to use social media for law firms is to strike a balance between promotional campaigns and genuine posts. The tactic allows you to connect with your audience and effectively increase online visibility.

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