Attorneys: Benefits of Blogging For Your Firm/Firm’s Website

Benefits of Blogging For Your Law Firm

“Blogging” often misunderstood term, but there is no question that it’s a valuable tool that is beneficial to your law firm’s marketing strategy.

The dictionary definition of a blog is:

A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Some blogs are part of a company’s website, and other blogs are stand-along URLs. Regardless, a blog serves as a law firm’s exclusive online magazine and provides a forum to inform current and prospective clients, establish yourself as an expert source and build brand recognition and loyalty among other pluses.

A blog is a useful element of content marketing, whether it one section of your law firm’s website or a stand-alone URL.

Building readership takes time once a blog is launched. Here are some tips to generate a growing number of readers:
Consistency is key

Gaining and sustaining momentum with a blog requires engaging, relevant and search engine friendly content. To attract and grow your readership, it is important to publish new content regularly, ideally at least two posts per week.

Readers will lose interest if you publish something that captivates their interest on June 1, and you do not post another article until June 30, for example.

Every blog post published on your site represents another page that is indexed in search engines. The more blog content your law firm creates, the easier it will be found by visitors.

Quality content is king

Today, content alone is not king. Instead, quality content is king. Successful SEO-friendly content includes posts that offer useful information that interests your target audience. Understand your target audience’s needs, behaviors and objectives; and produce content around those factors.

Abide by the 80-20 rule, which means that 80 percent of your content should be informational while 20 percent should directly promote your law firm.

You will enhance your law firm’s reputation as an expert source, and build brand recognition and loyalty, by creating and maintaining a blog that is a valuable resource for legal information.

Don’t be shy about promoting

A blog will have little benefit if visitors do not know it exists.
You can accomplish this through publicizing blog posts through social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If your blog is separate from your law firm’s website, include a link to the blog on the website.
Also, add social media sharing buttons with every post on your law firm’s blog. This will generate more readership and subsequently more traffic to your blog.
To efficiently manage a blog, think like a magazine editor, a blogger/writer and a marketer.

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