Auditing Your Law Firm’s Current Marketing Plan

Just because you took time last year to set up a marketing plan does not mean your work is over. Marketing plans – like anything else – can be outdated or need adjustments for success. It is important to take time to audit how your marketing plan is working for your law firm.

What is Your Marketing Plan’s ROI?

You should examine each marketing channel and determine its effectiveness. Proper calculations should take place instead of guesswork, and you can use a tracker through Google Analytics. You can track how much you are spending on each marketing channel compared to how many new visitors you are receiving from each channel. If one channel is taking money without results, changes in your plan might be due.

Tracking your offline channels can be a different story, as you will need to track calls that you receive – and the type of caller – to get the most accurate results.

Such tracking and calculations can be complicated, but a law firm marketing professional can help. You might think an ROI of 110 percent is positive, but it is likely you can tweak your marketing efforts to increase that ROI significantly. This involves eliminating unsuccessful channels and putting that money into other efforts.

Optimize Your Existing Marketing Channels

If you decide to shift away from campaigns that have an insignificant or negative ROI, you can instead direct those funds to your most successful marketing channels. Optimizing what is working and eliminating what is not working can maximize your marketing plan’s success. While this might seem like common sense, it would surprise you how many law firms simply continue with a stagnant marketing plan that is not showing them results.

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