Avoiding the Dangers of Duplicate Content

For almost six years, Google has penalized websites with duplicate content. The search engine released the Google Panda update in 2011 in an effort to improve the overall quality of ranking results. Websites that are identified as culprits for stealing content will almost always rank below websites with unique, well-written content. However, many website designers are unaware of Google’s strict rules around duplicate content and will simply lift content from websites similar to a client’s services.

As a website that represents legal professionals, FirmFinder is aware of the legal and financial ramifications of using duplicate content. In addition to lower search engine rankings, lawyers are typically more aware of copyright laws, which puts a website with duplicate content at risk for a civil suit. Fortunately, FirmFinder only uses completely original, well-researched content on its websites. Because we are a search engine optimization company as well as a web design firm, content is written in a way that will match common search phrases and boost rankings.

Firmfinder also works with law firm websites that have a history of issues with duplicate content and other SEO problems. We’ll rewrite problematic copy and make sure it’s fully optimized for search engines.

To find out if your website is being penalized by Google for duplicate content and how you can fix it, get in touch with FirmFinder! We’ll make sure your entire site is ready to rank.

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