Avoiding Harmful Web Design Gimmicks

In addition to helping attorneys develop quality websites, FirmFinder specializes in search engine optimization. It is essential that a website is built in a way that is easy for users and search engines to explore. However, the specific techniques for developing an SEO-friendly website are often obscured by popular design trends. A website with a gorgeous design is meaningless if it cannot be found by potential clients. At Firmfinder, we design websites that look appealing and offer full ranking potential for attorneys determined to expand their digital presence. We avoid the following design layouts and opt for established design practices.

One-Page Website: These sites are built with a clean, simple interface in which all portions of a business are included on one “page.” The website still includes a navigation menu at the top, which will direct a user to a specific portion of the one page site. The problem with these “infinite scroll” websites is that search engines cannot differentiate an attorney’s numerous services. When everything is included on one page, law firms only have one chance to impress a search engine, rather than multiple opportunities with separate pages.

Expanding text boxes: If all the content on a website is hidden behind a series of boxes that require the user to click “+” to see it, search engines will “devalue” it. Essentially, content that is immediately visible to a user will gain a higher ranking online than content that is placed behind a piece of code.

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