Growing Social Media the Right Way

As a hardworking attorney, you want to achieve success in many areas of business, from difficult cases to changing legislation to social media. A law firm with a popular social media page like Facebook is known throughout the community and achieves an excellent brand. But, the way a law firm fosters growth over social media is based on several factors. Consider the following when deciding what to post:

Personality: What makes you stand out from the competition? How do you engage clients? Is your practice driven by humor? Compassion? Structure your social media presence based on who you are.

Specialty: Certain types of law will require a different communication style. A DUI lawyer might appeal to a younger audience and act accordingly, while an elder law specialist might post in a more subdued tone.

Priority: How are you hoping to grow your firm? Are you wanting people to share a viral video, or discuss a local controversy? A social media page amasses followers based on its content, so consider user behavior when you’re sharing your story.

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