Benefits of Google Ads For Your Law Firm

There are many competitors, but Google is the world’s largest search engine and represents 75 percent of searches on the Internet. Considering that most prospective clients conduct an online search when considering a law firm, AdWords can help you attract a healthy portion of consumers in your area, but it important to know the benefits of Google Ads for your law firm.

Importantly, AdWords places your law firm in front of relevant readers who are searching for services that you provide. Search engine queries that include “lawyer” and/or “attorney” are expensive, which illustrates the importance of understanding how to implement a thriving AdWords campaign that maximizes your marketing dollars. Here are some benefits of Google ads that help your law firm get an edge on the competition, enhance your ad ranking and connect with relevant leads:

You can emphasize what makes you unique

Google your city and the term “lawyer” or “attorney,” and you will see an expansive list of law firms stacked around each other in the AdWords results. Highlighting what makes your law firm unique can help differentiate you from the crowd and attract visitors. Instead of writing a generic ad, study what your competitors are doing and produce copy that is different.

You can thrive if you bid strategically

The aforementioned competition in AdWords for law firms is significant, yet you can achieve top ad rankings if you bid higher in a strategic way. Find your most profitable keywords and place higher bids on those. These are not always your highest volume keywords. Sometimes, they will be ad groups that cultivate the most conversions.

You can demonstrate that your firm is low risk

Prospective customers are often intimidated about the prospective investment of time and money when they search for a law firm. AdWords allows your law firm to ease prospective clients’ concerns by letting them know there is not a risk of doing business with you. Create an ad that emphasizes perks like free consultations, flat-rate pricing, success rates on cases won, experience, and awards and achievements among other examples.

You can minimize irrelevant traffic with negative keywords

To maximize every click, relevant leads are crucial when you implement an AdWords campaign. You can use negative keywords to eliminate searches that are not ideally suited for your law firm. For example, if you specialize in family law but do not provide adoption services, your negative keywords can include “adoption family law.” This saves time for prospective clients and increases your volume of relevant leads.

AdWords is a complex and valuable tool for allowing your law firm to stand out from your competition. You can create highly targeted campaigns and generate an abundance of relevant leads with an effective AdWords campaign. Understanding the elements that compose a successful campaign is especially vital.

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