web design

Are you planning to introduce your law firm to the World Wide Web? Or maybe you’ve decided to optimize your law firm web design to drive more traffic? Every lawyer knows that the opening statement is as significant as important as a closing argument.  If you think of your online presence from this perspective, you […]

social media for law firms

Did you know? A survey reveals that 70% of lawyers and law firms are already using social media as part of their marketing strategy. More than 40% of these respondents claim that social media plays a vital role in client acquisition. With that being said, we have noticed that social media for lawyers and law […]

benefits of Google Ads

There are many competitors, but Google is the world’s largest search engine and represents 75 percent of searches on the Internet. Considering that most prospective clients conduct an online search when considering a law firm, AdWords can help you attract a healthy portion of consumers in your area, but it important to know the benefits […]

benefits of SEO

Attractive design and engaging content are two important elements of your law firm’s website, but without effective search engine optimization, generating traffic is a challenge. It is important to know the benefits of SEO for your law firm. Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is a valuable component to marketing your law firm’s website. […]

 Benefits of Blogging For Your Law Firm “Blogging” often misunderstood term, but there is no question that it’s a valuable tool that is beneficial to your law firm’s marketing strategy. The dictionary definition of a blog is: A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that […]

For many people, the legal field can be complex, intimidating and downright boring. Most of these same people understand that the time will arrive when they need the services of a lawyer. Considering that more than 80 percent of consumers today conduct online research before making a decision – and recognizing that they visit search […]


When we’re launching a new SEO campaign at FirmFinder, one of the first things we check is a website’s robots.txt file. The robots.txt file is designed to communicate whether you want your website indexed by search engines. If the file is set to “disallow,” then an entire website or some of its most important pages […]

google my business

Most law firms that rank well on search engines understand the importance of their Google My Business listing. If a lawyer can get their Google My Business listing to show up in the #1-3 position of Maps results, then they’ll show up at the top of organic search rankings. Google My Business listings gain further […]

Attorneys hire an SEO company because they want to be at the top of search engines. However, many of our clients at FirmFinder don’t completely understand the multitude of factors behind a ranking at the top of Google. One common misconception in SEO is that of the competitor. The theory is simple: if we look […]

google ad rank

When you’re managing a Google Ads campaign, a high ad rank score can mean the difference between spending $20 a click and spending $10 a click. If Google perceives your ads as relevant and valuable, you will spend less and show up at the top. From the beginning of Google Ads, businesses have been expected […]


Like some mythical beast of yore, PageRank is a subject often mystified and hallowed within the SEO world. It’s said that if a website yields high PageRank, it will dominate search engines, burying competitors and attracting hordes of interested users. So, is PageRank real, and can it be the answer to an attorney’s SEO woes? […]

If you’ve worked with people in the digital marketing industry long enough, you may be familiar with Google Search Console. This tool is designed by Google to keep an eye on basic website features to monitor issues and track performance. At FirmFinder, we use Google Search Console to track specific errors, keep an eye on […]

We at FirmFinder know that you enjoy practicing law, and have a passion for helping people navigate the court system. We know you want to practice law, but what do your clients want? In SEO, this question isn’t asked nearly as often as it should be. If you run your entire business around what you […]

As the Internet evolves, so follows digital marketing. Over the last 10 years, Google has evolved from a straightforward search engine to a mobile assistant. During this transformation, Google has developed artificial intelligence technology that does whatever it can to deliver an answer. Digital marketing companies have had to keep pace with these changes. Google’s […]

The Internet is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, you might have started your website as fleeting decision, a “side project,” to keep your law firm in touch with new technology. The domain, or URL, you chose for your website might no longer “fit” with the image or persona you’re trying to establish online. So, you […]