We at FirmFinder know that you enjoy practicing law, and have a passion for helping people navigate the court system. We know you want to practice law, but what do your clients want? In SEO, this question isn’t asked nearly as often as it should be. If you run your entire business around what you […]

As the Internet evolves, so follows digital marketing. Over the last 10 years, Google has evolved from a straightforward search engine to a mobile assistant. During this transformation, Google has developed artificial intelligence technology that does whatever it can to deliver an answer. Digital marketing companies have had to keep pace with these changes. Google’s […]

The Internet is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, you might have started your website as fleeting decision, a “side project,” to keep your law firm in touch with new technology. The domain, or URL, you chose for your website might no longer “fit” with the image or persona you’re trying to establish online. So, you […]


For several years, Google has prioritized rankings for websites with an SSL certificate. So, if your website is in the minority of Internet sites that are not https, it’s time to join the secure side of the web. Installation of an SSL certificate for your website can get very technical very quickly. Between purchasing the […]

            If you’re familiar with SEO strategy, you probably understand the purpose of a title tag. It’s a piece of “meta information” in a website’s source code that shares the purpose of your web page. A website’s title tag is a major piece of the ranking puzzle, but it is […]

To many law firms, SEO is an important but overwhelming part of their marketing strategy. After all, appearing on search engines isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. If you’ve spent any time on the FirmFinder website or blog, you’ve seen that dozens of elements play a role in ranking on search engines. From onsite […]

Most law firms know that content is key to their SEO strategy. An understanding of the different types of content behind an SEO campaign can play a role in its effectiveness. Websites are full of words. Whether content is displayed boldly on the home page, updated regularly via blog posts, or embedded within meta data, […]

For more than three years, searches on mobile phones have outnumbered searches from a desktop. Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative is in full swing, meaning that Google is more likely to look at the smartphone version of your website. These SEO changes should not be ignored. If you are operating from a website that looks beautiful […]

Growing law firms often wonder, what’s the point of a professional social media account? After all, every social media post these days either feels like a political debate or someone trying to sell something. While the influx of usership on social media has definitely shifted toward business development, that doesn’t mean your social media channel […]

  Ever visited a website that makes you vibrate in place until it loads? Whether it’s an online finance tool or a simple shopping website, no one enjoys waiting for a page to load. Google understands the user’s impatience with long wait times, and has slowly adjusted its algorithm to favor websites with faster page […]

  Everyone hears the word “custom” and thinks it’s a great idea when it comes to websites. After all, you don’t want your law firm’s online presence to seem cookie-cutter or cliche. So, the concept of hiring a designer experienced in code and CSS styling might seem like a way to “break the mold” and […]

The rise of voice search technology has delivered new levels of convenience to users. An online query is now as simple as saying “Hey Alexa,” or “OK Google.” So, how does this change the way we provide law firm SEO? It’s a matter of psychology. At its core, SEO is way to understand how people […]

A website hack can be devastating. If Google discovers that the site is unsafe to users, it will blacklist it, making it impossible for potential clients to find you online. Recovery from such a hack can take more than a year, and that’s with help from a trusted digital marketing expert. At FirmFinder, we follow […]

As a hardworking attorney, you want to achieve success in many areas of business, from difficult cases to changing legislation to social media. A law firm with a popular social media page like Facebook is known throughout the community and achieves an excellent brand. But, the way a law firm fosters growth over social media […]

Left brain, right brain. Paintbrush, calculator. Picasso, Einstein. Creativity and logic are both important to a successful digital marketing campaign. As a leading provider of SEO, Adwords, management, website design and other services for law firms across the United States, FirmFinder is familiar with both types of thinking. Let’s share a little bit about the […]