When you run a local law firm, your first priority is a larger client base. But every market presents its own challenges, with varying levels of demand, perspective, and competition. Key to these factors is geographic location—where you are on the map. Are you in a suburb? A bustling downtown? The countryside? Your physical address […]

It seems like an excellent business strategy. When people enter your site, take the one thing you want them to see, and present it front and center. As soon as they scroll or try to leave, a window within your site pops up and says “wait, this is what you’re missing!” Pop-ups are a common […]

  It’s time to dive into another common false alarm in the SEO world—internal links. When someone needs to reference another page or provide additional resources on a website, they use a hyperlink. These are excellent content tools, allowing users to learn and engage more deeply with website content. Whether a website is linking to […]

The world of SEO is rife with deception. Every small business has received an email declaring online peril for their website, with talk of poor rankings and optimization. These “analyses” are often stitched together with fear tactics and falsehoods. Some marketing companies will say anything to get a sale, even if they aren’t planning on […]

When looking for the right SEO company, you might come across information and analysis of your website’s title tags, also described as meta tags, or meta information. In this blog post, we’ll explain exactly what a title tag is, where it can be found, and its SEO importance. What       A title tag […]

Website traffic, Google rankings, social media, CMS updates—they can feel like a black hole. Many legal professionals struggle to balance the demands of running a law firm with the pressure to market their practice. With every competitor spending hundreds of hours and dollars on their Internet marketing, it might seem like a pointless endeavor. But, […]

Many, many FirmFinder clients want to rank #1 in their local area for “lawyer.” This is an excellent priority, for both the law firm and the SEO company. When a website shows up at the top, more people visit. Volume is an important piece of a successful campaign. But, contrary to popular belief, it is […]

People tend to hate the “cookie cutter,” approach, and with good reason. A carbon copy is built for a group, rather than an individual. But when people view website templates as “cookie cutter,” they skim over numerous benefits. Every single piece of a website template is customizeable. The client still chooses color scheme, images, content, […]

Growing law firms need a website that professionally represents their experience, their specialties, and their approach. FirmFinder specializes in developing websites that meet these needs, with customized style and content. It’s essential to make a web design project cohesive, because if each piece doesn’t fit the theme or the look, it will leave potential clients […]

FirmFinder works with dozens of growing law firms across the U.S. We are hired to help them establish and maintain a strong digital presence, from their website to social media to online advertising. However, we are also familiar with the firms that ask, “Is this a good investment? Would I get the same results if […]

FirmFinder clients choose to work with us due to a wide array of priorities and intentions. Sometimes, our award-winning SEO service is the first topic discussed, and other times, clients learn of its importance down the road. Some clients may already make the direct connection between improved rankings and improved traffic, but for others, the […]

Each digital media service from FirmFinder fulfills a unique segment of growth for our clients. While SEO services are designed to improve search engine rankings and improve site traffic, social media encourages a more personalized interaction with clients. Regular social media posts help existing and potential clients understand not just what you can offer, but […]

FirmFinder provides blogging services for dozens of law firms across the U.S. Our team of talented writers completes research on relevant topics for each law specialty and develops quality content that fits the firm’s overall messaging. Many law firms wonder about the best approach to blogging, which we wrote about in a previous post. While […]


Every day, thousands of law firms post on social media to engage with followers and build their digital presence. At FirmFinder, we provide regular social media postings for law firms to keep up with potential clients’ expectations around these accounts. If someone is looking for legal services in your local area, a stale social media […]

As your law firm continues to expand its digital marketing presence, you’ve probably considered blogging. At FirmFinder, we include regular blogging services for our clients to help expand their SEO presence and refine their content marketing strategy. Here are a few of our core considerations when developing a law firm’s blog: Priorities: While the team […]