Blogging vs. Service Pages

Most law firms know that content is key to their SEO strategy. An understanding of the different types of content behind an SEO campaign can play a role in its effectiveness. Websites are full of words. Whether content is displayed boldly on the home page, updated regularly via blog posts, or embedded within meta data, all of it plays some role in how a website will appear in search results.

To grasp how certain content will impact certain rankings, we need to consider the thought processes behind a search query. If a user types “criminal defense attorney Rochester” into a search engine, they are likely in direct need of help from a law firm. But if a user types “gun law new york,” they are likely just conducting some research. Content on a website’s Home and Service pages usually targets users who are directly in need of help, while content on a website’s Blog usually targets more research-oriented search results.

So, rather than producing bundles of content through a blog, it can be just as important to develop content within a core website. If a website only has one general services pages, and blog with 1,000 posts, it’s likely only drawing in users who are looking for information. The website is lacking in relevance to those who actually need 

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An effective SEO strategy does not lie in one task or in one keyword or in one report. It’s a multi-faceted effort, from keyword research to content optimization to linkbuilding efforts.

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