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3 Effective Social Media Strategies for Law Firms to Boost Engagement

Did you know? A survey reveals that 70% of lawyers and law firms are already using social media as part of their marketing…
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Social Media: For Selling or Sharing?

Growing law firms often wonder, what’s the point of a professional social media account? After all, every social media post these days either…
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Growing Social Media the Right Way

As a hardworking attorney, you want to achieve success in many areas of business, from difficult cases to changing legislation to social media.…
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Digital Marketing: Art or Science?

Left brain, right brain. Paintbrush, calculator. Picasso, Einstein. Creativity and logic are both important to a successful digital marketing campaign. As a leading…
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How Social Media Builds a Brand

Each digital media service from FirmFinder fulfills a unique segment of growth for our clients. While SEO services are designed to improve search…
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How to Engage Users with Social Media

Every day, thousands of law firms post on social media to engage with followers and build their digital presence. At FirmFinder, we provide…
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