Choosing the Right Pages for Your Website


Attorneys across the U.S. have invested in quality websites that describe their legal services to the public. Websites are an opportunity for law firms to share their professional experience and help clients familiarize themselves with the firm’s philosophy. However, once a website is built, it needs to be found.

If Google cannot identify a website for a specific service, it’s probably because the site doesn’t describe it enough. By identifying local demand and relevant services, law firms can develop a site that is, at its core, search engine-friendly. Here are some tips to make that happen:

Avoid legal jargon: Setting up pages around specific city ordinances or statutes usually won’t bring in clients. People searching for legal help think in terms of their needs, rather than the law. So, a simple page around a topic like “divorce lawyer” in a firm’s respective city usually covers keyword traffic.

Simplify: Usually there isn’t a need to include every small aspect of defense for a legal service. Clients who need legal assistance usually prefer to call an attorney and get started on their defense, rather than browse through dozens of pages around one legal topic. One page for each key service will typically suffice.

Make it easy to work in keywords: A page speaking generally about how a divorce is emotionally difficult will complicate integration of the term “attorney” across the website. Think about building pages in terms of “attorney for specific legal problem” rather than simply “legal problem.”

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