Defining Your SEO Market

Attorneys hire an SEO company because they want to be at the top of search engines. However, many of our clients at FirmFinder don’t completely understand the multitude of factors behind a ranking at the top of Google. One common misconception in SEO is that of the competitor. The theory is simple: if we look at what a competitor is doing to be at the top, and we replicate it, we’ll beat them.

However, this line of reasoning doesn’t work because, well, it’s not that simple. Several things go into the reason a competitor might rank above your site, even if they never paid an SEO company:

  • User experience and traffic: If lots of people visit a website from Google, it gets a natural advantage over competitors. So, if the law firm ran a television ad that went viral, and people Googled its name, “Smith and Jones Law Firm,” then that firm gets a natural advantage without ever investing in SEO.
  • Domain age: Many people understand that a 15-year-old domain has more reputation than a 6-month-old domain. It’s a simple matter of trust. When you’ve been around longer, Google gives you some preference.
  • Number of other attorneys in the market: A marketplace like New York City is going to yield different results initially than a market like Topeka, KS. It’s the nature of user volume, interest, and demand. When there are more attorneys in the market, there are more rungs on the ladder we climb together.

None of these explanations for a search engine’s preference in competitor are an excuse for poor results. As a leading SEO company for law firms, FirmFinder is committed to quality results for all of our clients. That’s why we design a user-friendly site within your marketing package that will meet all of Google’s standards. Our SEO services are designed to overcome all of these competitor factors at some point in the campaign, but the timeline will always differ.

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