Difference Between SEO Strategy and Social Media Strategy

FirmFinder clients are attorneys who understand the importance of an effective digital marketing strategy across all channels. The more digital spaces where a business is present, the more eyeballs its site will receive, and the more potential customers it will gain. But the Internet is a diverse space in business opportunity. Which means customers are going to behave differently based on where they find a business. FirmFinder understands that a marketing agency cannot simply “copy and paste” an SEO marketing strategy into drafting Facebook posts, or vice versa. Here’s how a social media and an SEO strategy vastly differ.

Google is an algorithm

SEO campaigns are designed around two elements: how search engines behave and how people behave. Content on the site must be structured around these two essential factors, with inclusion of popular keywords to gain that following. Facebook and other social media websites are structured almost entirely around user perception of a brand. Therefore, posts are written to engage customers who are already aware of a business and will potential share that interest with others. Regular updates on social media show the public that a business is active and present in local conversation.

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