Where Things Are Headed: Digital Marketing and AI

As the Internet evolves, so follows digital marketing. Over the last 10 years, Google has evolved from a straightforward search engine to a mobile assistant. During this transformation, Google has developed artificial intelligence technology that does whatever it can to deliver an answer. Digital marketing companies have had to keep pace with these changes. Google’s RankBrain technology is designed to understand everything that users want to purchase and consume. So, how do we keep pace with this technology and ensure our clients remain at the top of search results?

Web design – FirmFinder designs stunning, mobile-friendly websites for each of our clients. This process allows us to offer an ideal product that aligns with Google standards. Search engines are looking at how well users respond to a website, so it’s important to deliver a strong online presentation. Between content creation, WordPress development, and access to the site’s backend, every client at FirmFinder will receive a quality product.

Fast hosting – An essential part of any user experience on a website is load time. Choosing to host with standard providers means getting your website placed on a server that’s full of other properties. FirmFinder never places a client’s account on a crowded server, allowing us to offer websites with fast page speeds and satisfied users.

Quality content – Also included with our clients’ websites is SEO-friendly content. Unlike other design companies, we consider every page you’ll need on the website for ideal impact on search engines. Google also impacts rankings for sites with burdensome pop-ups or user interaction features (like expanding text columns).

Generally, if there is an element on your website that people don’t like, Google will find out. Make your content easy to access and show users the quality of your services with a professional, modern website from FirmFinder.

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