Digital Marketing: Art or Science?

Left brain, right brain. Paintbrush, calculator. Picasso, Einstein. Creativity and logic are both important to a successful digital marketing campaign. As a leading provider of SEO, Adwords, management, website design and other services for law firms across the United States, FirmFinder is familiar with both types of thinking. Let’s share a little bit about the art and science of a successful digital marketing strategy:


What does it take for people to pick up the phone and call? A website is a first impression. If it’s ugly, they’re less inclined to reach out. If an advertisement is boring, people will ignore it. It’s important to design a digital marketing strategy not only around data, but around its look and feel. Creative writing is also a factor. If words don’t read well, then why should they choose you for legal services? Your marketing materials are not simply a matter of saying “I’m a lawyer,” they are a matter of expressing, “I’m the right lawyer for you, let me show you why.”


How many people found you through search engines? What phrases are the most popular for your type of legal services? What percentage of Adwords clicks are converting? The science portion of digital marketing is crucial to future growth. Once all the pieces look good, it’s important to track how they perform, and what might need to be changed to make them perform better.

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