Why Changing Domains Impacts SEO

The Internet is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, you might have started your website as fleeting decision, a “side project,” to keep your law firm in touch with new technology. The domain, or URL, you chose for your website might no longer “fit” with the image or persona you’re trying to establish online. So, you might feel like it’s time to get a new domain. After all, GoDaddy always has them on sale for cheap.


Before you move forward with this domain update, you should consider several factors:

Age of the domain: If your website has been around for 10 years, that means Google and other search engines have had 10 years to develop trust with it. On the Internet, an older URL often means your rankings are more established, particularly if you hired an SEO company.  

Ranking loss: No matter how long your previous URL has been around, getting a new domain is like starting from scratch. Some rankings can be recovered when you set up a redirect from the old URL to the new one, but it often takes months or years to fully regain your position on search engines.

Long-term goals: Sometimes, all of the ranking losses are worth it if it means a better website and brand overall. If you want to switch your website over to a new domain, it’s a good idea to leverage the ranking loss with a long-term plan. Rather than simply buying the domain on GoDaddy and finding yourself frustrated by the ranking slow-down, utilize the transition to benefit your firm.

The decision to change domains on your law firm website should not be taken lightly. Consider all of the factors above, and absolutely consult with a digital marketing agency like FirmFinder if you want to move forward. We can help you regain ranking losses and achieve new successes as you improve your Internet presence.

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