Where to Establish a Legal Blog

FirmFinder provides blogging services for dozens of law firms across the U.S. Our team of talented writers completes research on relevant topics for each law specialty and develops quality content that fits the firm’s overall messaging. Many law firms wonder about the best approach to blogging, which we wrote about in a previous post. While there are many elements to developing an effective legal blog, we wanted to discuss a crucial starting point: the blog’s location.

A blog can seem like a separate element from a law firm’s core website. After all, it’s not crucial to day-to-day operations, it’s not a static resource, and it’s not general information. Blogs cover specific issues and events that remain relevant to the law firm, but they aren’t the first place users look when they need to learn more about core services. Websites are designed to include details about core services and the law firm’s capabilities. With this reasoning in mind, some lawyers think it’s best to separate the law firm’s blog into a separate website with a different domain URL.


The SEO professionals at FirmFinder warn against placing a law firm’s blog on a separate website. This option has zero benefits, because rather than placing every opportunity to rank on one website, law firms split their potential. In these situations, a blog website is essentially competing against the main law firm website for rankings. When blogs are located within a law firm’s main website, they add more content, more keywords, and more pages for search engines to index. A blog within a core site leads to improved rankings and search traffic.

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