Google Ads: How to Achieve High Ad Rank

google ad rank

When you’re managing a Google Ads campaign, a high ad rank score can mean the difference between spending $20 a click and spending $10 a click. If Google perceives your ads as relevant and valuable, you will spend less and show up at the top.

From the beginning of Google Ads, businesses have been expected to deliver quality, well-written ads that align with user searches. As the world’s leading search engine, Google wants to deliver websites that align with user intent. So, a successful Google Ads campaign must have the following to achieve high Page Rank:


  • Quality website content – Even if an ad is beautifully composed, this means nothing if you run ads for keywords that don’t match up with your website. For an example, if you run an ad for Criminal Defense Law and your site only features your Business Law services, then Google will assign your campaign a low Ad Rank.
  • Ad extensions – If you design a Google Ads campaign with the bare essentials, Google will likely assign it a low Ad Rank. Google recently announced its preference for additional ad content to deliver further relevance in a user’s search.
  • Ad text – When you build an Adwords campaign, the set-up involves keywords and ad copy. The ideal ad includes reference to your ad group’s top keywords, which will further boost Ad Rank. If ads text just says you’re an “attorney,” but doesn’t mention the specific type of law, your ads likely won’t receive high Ad Rank.


These are some of the basic rules behind successful management for a Google Ads Campaign, but they are not a complete guide. With dozens of changes made within Google Ads on a regular basis, working with a digital marketing agency like FirmFinder is always recommended.

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