Google My Business for Law Firms: Part Two


In last month’s FirmFinder digital marketing blog, we covered the basics of Google My Business, which accounts for a growing portion of first page search engine rankings (below sponsored Adwords results). This month, we’ll share some of the more important features in a Google My Business listing, and how this information impacts SEO.





Displaying correct hours is the first step in presenting a Google My Business listing to the public. Prospective clients will usually only call your law firm within these hours, so make sure they fit your work schedule.


Google My Business is designed around Google Maps. So, the closer a user is to your law firm’s address, the more likely they are to find you through Google’s online location directory. Google is designed to bring users the most convenient results, and it sees location as essential to a user’s overall experience. Fortunately, if your address is private, there is a way to hide it from the public.

Business Categories

Google has broken down service offerings for local firms to more than just “Lawyer.” Make sure you select the categories that best fit your speciality. Usually, more categories are better, unless they aren’t a good fit.


Every Google My Business listing has a “Website” button that brings users to your site for more information. If your law firm’s website has set up landing pages for each area of service, and you have additional addresses for each location, make sure you link to the location page rather than the homepage of your website.

Effectively managing Google My Business listings for a law firm is most often a complex, multifaceted process. To work on moving your law firm’s Google My Business listing to the top of search results, contact FirmFinder about digital marketing services.


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