Google Search Console – What Is Its Purpose?

If you’ve worked with people in the digital marketing industry long enough, you may be familiar with Google Search Console. This tool is designed by Google to keep an eye on basic website features to monitor issues and track performance. At FirmFinder, we use Google Search Console to track specific errors, keep an eye on website links, and obtain ranking information.

In the past, we’ve received inquiries about automatic emails from Search Console, so we thought we’d take a moment to clarify what’s actually important to look at as an end-user:

Coverage Issue Detected: Is it just a 404 error, or is it a hack? Usually this is pretty easy to figure out. If you aren’t seeing a long list of foreign links, then it’s probably just a crawl update. Google is always exploring new ways to index a website, and sometimes it finds a new series of pages that are old and were never intended to rank. These message can usually be ignored.

Mobile Usability: Is your website designed for mobile search? If you’ve signed up with FirmFinder, you probably won’t see this message about the mobile functionality of your site. But, if it does come up, let us know and we’ll double-check whether it’s a fluke or if something is actually amiss.

Improve the search presence: This email is sent whenever a new account is set up in Search Console. It’s intended for end-users who have heard of search console and want a tutorial. As a digital marketing company with years of experience, FirmFinder understands the more advanced elements of Search Console and will make sure you’re covered here.

If you have any questions about Google Search Console or about starting an SEO campaign for your law firm, please get in touch with us!

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