How is Voice Search Changing SEO?

The rise of voice search technology has delivered new levels of convenience to users. An online query is now as simple as saying “Hey Alexa,” or “OK Google.” So, how does this change the way we provide law firm SEO? It’s a matter of psychology. At its core, SEO is way to understand how people are searching, and deliver them to your website. It comes down to this: do people speak differently than they type?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the value of long-tail keywords. A voice search will often fall under the “long-tail” category, because people like to talk to Google or Alexa like they are a person. Our speech patterns were developed around talking to other humans, so that’s how we talk to these virtual assistants. While we couldn’t find any studies to prove this theory, it makes sense that the latest tone in search will be a conversation, rather than a demand. After all, these assistants aren’t programmed to react to “Machine, do my bidding,” they only listen if you say “hey,” or “OK,” first, as if you were asking your friend a question.

If you’re website’s content reads well, and sounds conversational, then it will likely align well with these changes. As a leading provider of law firm SEO services, FirmFinder can make small changes to a website’s copy to align more with these principles.

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