How is Your Voice Search SEO?

While voice searches via smart speakers have not become the force they were initially expected to be, they still play an important role in SEO considerations. This is especially true because a different SEO approach might be necessary for different voice search engines, and it is important for marketers to ensure that clients are performing as well as possible in results for voice searches.


Because local businesses might need to take different approaches to improve SEO with each type of voice search engine, it is important to know which ones to focus on. A recent study indicates the following to consider:


  • Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa have the highest market share
  • The most questions are accurately answered by Siri, Android, and Google smart products, while Alexa has a much lower accuracy rate for responses (showing that it is not the best tool for search queries)
  • While Google Assistant responds with about 41 words, most smart speakers only respond with about 23 words
  • It is possible to apply your usual local SEO approach to Google devices
  • Siri relies on Yelp ratings, so Yelp SEO is important for these results


It is important to implement SEO best practices that target voice search results. The nature of your content plays an important role in this strategy, and having the right tone to your content updates can make huge strides toward reaching the top of smart speaker results and recommendations.

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