Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are simply a collection of links to a target website. In the early days of SEO, a website with hundreds or thousands of backlinks had ranking advantage regardless of the origin of the backlinks. Then Google released the Penguin algorithm in 2012. With this update, Google penalized websites connected to excessive amounts of foreign or spammy URLs.

But the Penguin update did not wipe away the value of backlinks, it simply refined its preferences. Which means websites must make an effort to build backlinks, but only from relevant, well-established websites. FirmFinder provides a linkbuilding service that connects the website to backlinks with excellent search engine authority, which improves the client’s overall reputation with Google.

Law firms should be wary of organizations that simply ignore the Google Penguin algorithm and practice what is known as “black hat” SEO. These companies submit the website to harmful and untrusted backlinks, which damages its rankings and digital marketing opportunities. When FirmFinder works with a client who hired a past SEO company, we always check to see if the former company completed a bad link submission. If this is the case, FirmFinder will work with Google to rescind the negative links and restore the website’s online reputation.

To develop a strong (and legitimate) backlink presence or to disavow bad backlinks, get in touch with FirmFinder for SEO services!


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