Law Firm Blogging 101

As your law firm continues to expand its digital marketing presence, you’ve probably considered blogging. At FirmFinder, we include regular blogging services for our clients to help expand their SEO presence and refine their content marketing strategy. Here are a few of our core considerations when developing a law firm’s blog:

Priorities: While the team at FirmFinder is very familiar with marketing for all types of law, we prefer having a conversation with clients about which areas of their firm are most in need of growth. A family lawyer might prefer to build their presence in divorce rather than separation or custody. If we have this information, we can develop blog content more effectively.

Questions: When a potential client is in legal trouble, what are they typing into search engines? To enhance SEO efforts, the team at FirmFinder is always considering what might bring in additional traffic to the site. Many blog topics are formulated around questions that users are asking online when they need help.

Personalize: Blogs are a great way to show potential clients how you stand out from other local law firms. If you provide FirmFinder with information about your experience, your passions, and even personal challenges, your blog will have even more opportunity to succeed.

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