Why Month to Month Marketing Matters

FirmFinder works with dozens of growing law firms across the U.S. We are hired to help them establish and maintain a strong digital presence, from their website to social media to online advertising. However, we are also familiar with the firms that ask, “Is this a good investment? Would I get the same results if I added some keywords on my website and wrote the occasional Facebook post?”


We like to present the answer, “Would we exist to serve dozens of clients if this was the case?”

FirmFinder is an experienced digital marketing firm for lawyers and law firms that understand the incredible value of the Internet. It’s a platform that hundreds of people visit to communicate, learn, and engage with the things they want or need. Whether it’s a fun YouTube video or a legal website, every piece of the Web is vital to connecting people. But this connection isn’t as easy to achieve as it might seem.

In a competitive market like legal services, a coordinated marketing campaign is vital to the best visibility and results. By hiring FirmFinder, you are not only hiring a team of people to write and post, you are hiring experts who understand the most efficient strategies on each platform. Every piece of our digital marketing campaigns requires unique knowledge and experience, from SEO to blogging to Google Adwords. Ongoing assistance with these channels means we can monitor a campaign and adjust it based on the market response.

With the right data and collaboration, FirmFinder can amplify your firm’s digital media presence and help the phone start ringing.

Do you want to attract more of the actual clients your firm is looking for?

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“FirmFinder backs up their promotional words with actions and results. Within two days of my first campaign, legitimate leads came rolling in. After two weeks, I could barely keep up with the calls and email submissions. They are the real deal!”