How much time should be spent on digital marketing?

Website traffic, Google rankings, social media, CMS updates—they can feel like a black hole. Many legal professionals struggle to balance the demands of running a law firm with the pressure to market their practice. With every competitor spending hundreds of hours and dollars on their Internet marketing, it might seem like a pointless endeavor.

But, with the right digital marketing team, your time spent on all these channels could be drastically reduced.

Every digital marketing strategy requires a different approach, it’s not simply a matter of typing and clicking. One must consider audience, budget, market demand, seasonality, algorithms, user behavior, and a host of other factors. But, with years of experience and knowledge around each channel, the team at FirmFinder has developed an affordable and effective digital marketing package to maximize a campaign’s potential and catalyze growth.

So, with the right investment in digital marketing services, your time spent on digital marketing should be minimal. However, it is important to monitor monthly reports and let your team know when priorities change. If rankings in one area of your practice haven’t progressed in recent months, we need to know so we can focus on growth in that space. If something fun happens at the office that you’d like to share on social media, our team can either build a post for you or you can login and supplement our regular posting.

When digital marketing hours start to overwhelm you, consider hiring a digital marketing firm for lawyers. FirmFinder can provide a comprehensive strategy designed to help you stand out in the marketplace and get the phone ringing.

Do you want to attract more of the actual clients your firm is looking for?

Schedule a strategy call with one of our marketing specialists to see how we can get the phone ringing NOW. And no, there is no long-term contract!

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“FirmFinder backs up their promotional words with actions and results. Within two days of my first campaign, legitimate leads came rolling in. After two weeks, I could barely keep up with the calls and email submissions. They are the real deal!”