How SEO Directly Contributes to Traffic Growth

FirmFinder clients choose to work with us due to a wide array of priorities and intentions. Sometimes, our award-winning SEO service is the first topic discussed, and other times, clients learn of its importance down the road. Some clients may already make the direct connection between improved rankings and improved traffic, but for others, the specifics may be difficult to grasp. In this post, we’ll break down how an investment in law firm SEO services leads to more visits, more phone calls, and more clients.

Part One:

FirmFinder is hired for digital marketing services and launches the site for SEO. The client shares a variety of keyword priorities with us and we complete corresponding research. We make updates to website content, backend settings, and links to boost rankings.

Part Two:

The law firm begins receiving monthly ranking reports. We track the search engine positions for key phrases and they begin to move upward.

Part Three:

Once Google identifies the site for popular search phrases and moves it upward in rankings, more people see the law firm. The higher the website’s position, the more people will click the Google search result and consider whether it matches with their query. (Note that organic rankings are separate from pay-per-click ads at the very top of search results.)

Part Four:

As more people find the site on Google and other search engines, more people consider if the law firm is the right fit for their needs. Phone calls increase, more clients are connected with the firm.

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