SEO Red Herrings: Part Two, Interlinking


It’s time to dive into another common false alarm in the SEO world—internal links. When someone needs to reference another page or provide additional resources on a website, they use a hyperlink. These are excellent content tools, allowing users to learn and engage more deeply with website content. Whether a website is linking to its own personal injury page or an external website about local laws, hyperlinks exist to keep people informed.

Some SEO companies will claim that a website with fewer hyperlinks does not rank as well. The story goes that if content does not regularly include links to other pages of the website, Google and other search engines won’t rank it. According to them, unhealthy “interlinking” slows everything down.

Claims about website “interlinking” between internal pages are almost always inaccurate. As the world’s #1 search engine, Google will always find and index website pages. If a website’s service pages are included in its core navigation (menu of links at the top), then there’s no need to link between them in core content.

We recommend using hyperlinks for their original purpose—keep users informed. Google and other search engines will cover the rest.

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