Site Speed and Rankings


Ever visited a website that makes you vibrate in place until it loads? Whether it’s an online finance tool or a simple shopping website, no one enjoys waiting for a page to load. Google understands the user’s impatience with long wait times, and has slowly adjusted its algorithm to favor websites with faster page speed. This site speed preference is weighted heavily with the mobile version of a website, because more than half of searches occur from a mobile device.

If someone can’t quickly and easily pull up a website on their smartphone, it won’t rank well on Google, even if it has perfect SEO content. Fortunately, Google released a speed test that allows users to monitor this factor. The law firm SEO experts at FirmFinder check for mobile site speed when helping a client move to the top of search results. Typically, we design our clients’ websites around user experience, thus avoiding any site speed penalties.  

Our digital marketing team considers site speed factors like hosting and image size at the start of every design project. It’s much easier to prevent a slow website during the design process than it is to fix an already slow website.

Digital marketing will continue to evolve for mobile search, rather than desktop user experience. Every strategy should include consideration of mobile users, whether it’s a Google Adwords campaign or monthly blogging. Contact our experienced law firm marketing team to learn more!

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