Social Media: For Selling or Sharing?

Growing law firms often wonder, what’s the point of a professional social media account? After all, every social media post these days either feels like a political debate or someone trying to sell something. While the influx of usership on social media has definitely shifted toward business development, that doesn’t mean your social media channel has to constantly scream, “hire me!”

People want to follow you on social media because you are a resource. They don’t want a sales pitch, and they also don’t want pointless information. Users follow a lawyer because they want to know about community issues, and learn about legal topics. So, your social media channels should reflect the user’s pursuit of knowledge. If you’re just typing “do business with me, I’m great,” people will struggle to see why they should hire you.

Social media is designed to educate first, and then sell by association. People will recognize your value as a local resource around legal topics, and start to consider your services. This style of growth has a lasting impact—people are loyal to social media accounts they can trust.

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