The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

When someone needs legal advice, they are going to choose the most convenient way to find it. In today’s world, that often means a quick search on their smartphone. With 60 percent of online searches taking place on a mobile device, it’s more crucial than ever to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website. Most professionals know that a website only designed for desktop use is going to frustrate users, forcing them to pinch their fingers on a touchscreen just to read the content. But many people don’t know that Google, the world’s #1 search engine, actually penalizes websites that don’t integrate a mobile website.

Google can detect whether a website was developed for mobile devices, and if it wasn’t, then Google automatically lowers it in search rankings. This can bring law firms a significant loss, putting them behind competitors and reducing traffic to their website. FirmFinder is a marketing company that specializes in building mobile-friendly, responsive websites for law firms. We tie our best web design practices with leading SEO services to ensure that law firms not only gain a beautiful website, but one that’s at the top of search results.

With mobile law website services from FirmFinder, attorneys can gain a significant boost in online search traffic, and ultimately more business. Call today to find out how we can update and improve your law firm’s online presence! 866-910-1458.

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