Thinking About User Behavior and Location

When you run a local law firm, your first priority is a larger client base. But every market presents its own challenges, with varying levels of demand, perspective, and competition. Key to these factors is geographic location—where you are on the map. Are you in a suburb? A bustling downtown? The countryside? Your physical address impacts many business aspects for your law firm’s digital marketing, including:

User conversion: How far are people willing to travel for legal representation? The obvious answer is that it depends. If you specialize in something niche, they might be willing to travel for several hours. But if your community has 4 other divorce lawyers, they may end up choosing the closest option. It all comes down to how you differentiate yourself and your market priorities.

Website content: Do you serve an entire county? Five cities? A specific borough? Your service area affects content strategy on your website. It’s important to clearly communicate the regions where you’d like SEO rankings. If any of these areas are missed or neglected, it’s less likely for you to show up there on search engines.

Google Maps: Generally, the closer someone makes a search to your address, the higher you will show up in results. Google uses your location on maps to orient you as relevant when people are close. So, if you are in a community an hour away from where you want to show up, it may take longer to achieve SEO results.

It’s important to communicate your location priorities with the digital marketing team at FirmFinder. Between SEO, Adwords, social media, and other services in our monthly package, we’re here to help you show up where and when you want. Get in touch today to start growing your law firm website.  

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