Three Things You Didn’t Know About Title Tags







If you’re familiar with SEO strategy, you probably understand the purpose of a title tag. It’s a piece of “meta information” in a website’s source code that shares the purpose of your web page. A website’s title tag is a major piece of the ranking puzzle, but it is also a commonly misunderstood feature. As an experienced SEO company for law firms, FirmFinder always considers the following when implementing a digital marketing strategy:

  • What you write won’t always appear in search results. According to search engine guidelines directly from Google, “We use a number of different sources for this information, including descriptive information in the title and meta tags for each page. We may also use publicly available information, or create rich results based on markup on the page.” So, even if we use the perfect keywords, Google might not show them to the public.
  • Using similar words does nothing. If you’re a lawyer, you don’t need to say “law firm,” “attorney,” and “lawyer,” in the same title tag. Google’s Rank Brain is an incredibly smart algorithm that combines similar phrases into the same user intent. So, it’s better to vary a title tag beyond your main “descriptor” and venture into more specific terms, such as “separation and divorce.”
  • There’s a “sweet spot” on length. Google cuts off title tags at a certain character limit, so trying to go too long or too short is going to hurt results. If your title tag is too long, Google will truncate it, which might add an ellipsis to your website in search results. Ellipsis are known to reduce click-through rates during a customer’s initial interaction with your website.

If you’re looking for more tips or tricks about title tags and SEO on your law firm website, please get in touch with the experts at FirmFinder!

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