Comparing SEO and PPC Campaigns

The effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google is clear. Businesses instantly appear at the top of search results, controlling exactly how, when, and where they want to be found. Pay-Per-Click is typically a more competitive marketing channel, so a law firm needs effective management of its advertising spend to ensure a good ROI. A quality PPC campaign not only brings in an appearance on Google, but more business as well.

Results for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) move differently than those for PPC simply because of structure. Building a reputation with organic (unpaid) search rankings means a law firm will be found for popular search phrases without paying when someone express interest. Pay-Per-Click ads are best utilized as a tool to bring in consultations and sales, rather than direct visibility. With organic search rankings, a business does not directly pay for the traffic and builds a reputation with search engines.

However, SEO does have one crucial factor that limits its immediate potential—time. An attorney with a brand new website and no authority with search engines will struggle to show up at the top immediately. To displace this slower growth, PPC advertising allows attorneys with FirmFinder to immediately appear at the top of relevant Google search results.

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