Top 3 Tips on Building a Law Firm Website

Are you planning to introduce your law firm to the digital marketing World? Or maybe you’ve decided to optimize your law firm’s website to drive more traffic?

Every lawyer knows that the opening statement is as significant as a closing argument.  If you think of your online presence from this perspective, you realize that you need an impactful web design to catch your client’s attention.  Otherwise, you risk losing out on connecting with people who are seeking legal advice online.

Therefore, the best idea is to use this platform to create a unique brand presence in the market.

Here are the top three tips for law firm websites that you should consider:

1.  Share Content that Speaks to Your Audience

The first golden rule of marketing is to ‘know thy audience’.

You have to identify your clients’ pain points and understand their situation to effectively market your legal services. So try to write web content that resonates with them and assures them that you’re there to guide them through these devastating times.

A great strategy would be to answer questions like:

  • Who are you?
  • How can you help?
  • Why should clients consider you before anyone else?

The main idea is to introduce your law firm, distinct qualities, and services without sounding like a boring infomercial. You can do this by ensuring that the content is interactive, comprehensible, and relevant. Also, don’t be afraid to integrate personal stories to form that connection.

Pro tip:  Avoid excessive use of legal terms and jargon.

2.  Use Vivid Visuals and Dynamic Features to Tell Your Story

Let’s get one thing straight―your website is more than a business card.

Tech-savvy clients are accustomed to using interactive websites that are dynamically designed. This means you’ve got to adopt a web design template that appeals to them.

You can do this by using:

  • Impactful hero image(s) with a meaningful caption on each web page.
  • A corporate video to give them an insight into your world.
  • Dedicating a section to include client testimonials (with images/videos) whenever possible.
  • Aesthetically pleasing fonts and color schemes to add another dimension to your content.
  • Widgets and share buttons to sync your social media accounts.

In short, go beyond promotional content and weave in a visual narrative for your law firm.

3.  Integrate the Best SEO Practices

Lastly, you should include SEO in your web design. It’s the only way to ensure that your website has everything search engine algorithm deem necessary for a high-quality website.

Here are some SEO techniques you can use:

  • Modify the web design according to Google Analytics results.
  • Use focus-keywords to optimize your content.
  • Build a responsive website that automatically adapts to mobiles and other digital devices.
  • Ensure that your website loads quickly.
  • Fix broken backlinks and technical issues before the website goes live.

If you manage to pass their test, you can expect to increase your SEO ranking and maintain brand credibility.

The Closing Statement

In the end, invest in a law firm web design that features compelling content and interactive features along with SEO techniques.  To do that, you should hire professional web designers that could tie these elements together to create your brand story.

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