User Intent, Rather Than Business Intent

We at FirmFinder know that you enjoy practicing law, and have a passion for helping people navigate the court system. We know you want to practice law, but what do your clients want? In SEO, this question isn’t asked nearly as often as it should be. If you run your entire business around what you want, instead of what your clients want, then your business might struggle. If you develop your entire digital marketing campaign around what you think will work, rather than what your clients actually want, then the campaign will suffer.

When we’re developing a law firm SEO campaign, we at FirmFinder always consider how your potential clients are thinking. Instead of considering “how does this attorney want us to optimize their site,” we instead focus on “how would this attorney’s potential clients search for their services?” It’s an important distinction—there are many marketing companies out there that emphasize a “task list” of items to complete on a website that will somehow magically make it rise to the top.

Our approach to SEO at FirmFinder is more than a “task list,” it’s a strategy. We consider all the elements that make your law firm stand out, we consider the unique nature of your specialties and how people might find you for that. And all of this means moving one step closer to that all-important first page ranking for a short tail keyword like “lawyer.”

So, when you’re looking for a digital marketing company that truly ruminates upon the best path to growth for your firm, get in touch with an expert at FirmFinder.

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