Why Website Templates are a Great Option

People tend to hate the “cookie cutter,” approach, and with good reason. A carbon copy is built for a group, rather than an individual. But when people view website templates as “cookie cutter,” they skim over numerous benefits. Every single piece of a website template is customizeable. The client still chooses color scheme, images, content, box placement, and many other elements.

Thousands of WordPress templates are available, and many are extremely flexible to a client’s needs. For example, when they want the designer to combine the looks of two websites they like, a template makes this possible. With thousands of plugins available within the WordPress platform, every template includes opportunities for unique functionality.

Most websites today are built from templates, because it’s waste of time to code from scratch. Why should every designer spend hours perfecting inane elements, like the size of a box, when a template can automatically achieve these basics? A template is a website’s core infrastructure, laying the groundwork for a designer’s creativity and branding approach. By starting with a baseline template, the client and the designer can spend more time nailing down the perfect look.

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