What is a Title Tag?

When looking for the right SEO company, you might come across information and analysis of your website’s title tags, also described as meta tags, or meta information. In this blog post, we’ll explain exactly what a title tag is, where it can be found, and its SEO importance.





A title tag is a snippet of text used to describe an individual web page. It serves two purposes: summarizing the web page at the top of your browser tab and explaining your website to Google and other search engines. If a website was a printed newspaper, the title tag would be the headline and the web page would be the news story. The title tag is also the link text that will describe your website in a Google search result.





A title tag appears in the tab at the top of the browser, as well as in Google search results. It can also be found in a website’s source code (viewed by right clicking a web page and selecting “View Page Source”) as <title>. Sometimes, title tags can be difficult to find in a website’s source code, but they should usually be in the <head> section of the code.


Crafting an accurate title tag is not as simple as it may seen. FirmFinder SEO experts complete in-depth keyword research to embed relevant phrases across a website’s title tags. This work is essential to helping a website show up at the top of search engines for priority phrases.

If you would like an assessment of your site’s existing title tags, or are interested in other digital marketing services for your law firm, please get in touch with FirmFinder.

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