What’s the deal with long-tail keywords?

Many, many FirmFinder clients want to rank #1 in their local area for “lawyer.” This is an excellent priority, for both the law firm and the SEO company. When a website shows up at the top, more people visit. Volume is an important piece of a successful campaign. But, contrary to popular belief, it is not the only piece. After all, the bottom line isn’t eyeballs on a website—it’s capital. We want to deliver as many clients as possible and initiate growth.


Long-tail keywords are the answer to both conversions and short-tail rankings. Here’s why:

Conversions: The phrase “lawyer” is typed multifariously and constantly. But it is not always someone wanting to hire a lawyer. Some people might want to become a lawyer. Others might be businesses hoping to sell B2B services. Meanwhile, someone who types “Denver will and trust attorney” often knows exactly what they want. Those using a long-tail phrase have probably put a great deal of thought into their needs, and are ready to pick up the phone.

Short-Tail Rankings: How do we get a site to achieve the much-vetted #1 “lawyer” position? There’s no easy answer to that question. When the right long-tail keyword phrases start to rank, we start to gain understanding of a campaign’s effectiveness. Based on results with long-term keywords in initial months, our team can assess our work and understand what else needs to be done to achieve shorter phrases. It can’t all happen at once, because every market demand differs.

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