When did you last view your website on your phone?

For more than three years, searches on mobile phones have outnumbered searches from a desktop. Google’s mobile-first indexing initiative is in full swing, meaning that Google is more likely to look at the smartphone version of your website. These SEO changes should not be ignored. If you are operating from a website that looks beautiful on a desktop, but loads slowly on a mobile device, rankings for your site will lag.

FirmFinder is focused on mobile-first website design for law firms. We understand that user experience is crucial to a successful digital marketing strategy, so a website must be enjoyed and easily navigated by a client on their mobile device. Our SEO strategy has also adapted to the mobile-first client.

In Google Search Console, many users are notified if and when their site has been selected for mobile-first crawling. If you see this alert from search console, it means that your website is successfully keeping up with online search trends. On the other hand, if Google Search Console issues a warning about user experience on your website, it might be time to look at new design options.

However, having a mobile-first website does not mean different content on the mobile version. Desktop and mobile should be the same in content wording and meta information, but appear different in navigation. For more information on a mobile-first digital marketing strategy for your law firm, get in touch with FirmFinder.

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