Why Designing a Website in Custom HTML is a Bad Idea


Everyone hears the word “custom” and thinks it’s a great idea when it comes to websites. After all, you don’t want your law firm’s online presence to seem cookie-cutter or cliche. So, the concept of hiring a designer experienced in code and CSS styling might seem like a way to “break the mold” and stand out from the competition. However, this choice for the “unique” option ignores many factors in modern web design. Here are a few reasons why designing in HTML instead of a CMS platform like WordPress is a bad idea:

Money – Unless you know code, you are going to need to lean on your website designer for all website changes, no matter how small. Did you spot a typo? Your designer might invoice to fix it. If you work in a platform like WordPress, you will have the capability to make small changes like this on your own. At FirmFinder, we believe in transparency, providing law firms with full ownership and access to their digital content.

Security – No matter how it’s designed, a hacked website is bad news. But a hacked WordPress site has lots of tools and infrastructure in place to recover from a security break. An HTML site could be destroyed beyond repair if custom coding and recent site changes were wiped. WordPress sites are also easy to secure, with an arsenal of resources available to keep hackers out.

SEO – Google algorithms update hundreds of times a year. Most recently, they have started to drop rankings for sites without an SSL certificate. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated (and expensive) to update a website to SSL if it’s coded in HTML. As Google reins in on website infrastructure elements, it’s best to have a website that can respond quickly to these important SEO factors.

FirmFinder is a website design company for law firms that develops in WordPress. For a responsive, mobile-friendly website that is customized to your firm’s needs, as well as the SEO and Adwords services it needs to show up online, get in touch with our team.


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