Why SEO Is Not a Checklist

To many law firms, SEO is an important but overwhelming part of their marketing strategy. After all, appearing on search engines isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. If you’ve spent any time on the FirmFinder website or blog, you’ve seen that dozens of elements play a role in ranking on search engines. From onsite content to meta information to website design, so many elements must be tackled to appear for your ideal rankings.

As a digital marketing website for lawyers, FirmFinder strives to deliver results in the form of long-term keyword growth and more organic search traffic. This goal is achieved through a comprehensive strategy that includes everything from content optimization to linkbuilding to technical audits. We also monitor more than 500 Google algorithm updates every year. These factors are changing day to day with our client’s websites.

If you ever find an SEO company that outlines exactly what they will do and when for the next year, then you may not receive the strongest results. This is because an SEO company’s tasks will change month-to-month based on the client’s unique market and other search industry news. SEO in its ideal form is not a checklist because we’re not trying to offer the same basic template to all our clients.

At FirmFinder, we offer a unique SEO package that considers dozens of market factors in order to help our clients rise quickly to the top of search results. To get in touch and start developing your strategy, call us at 866-910-1458.

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