Working with Multiple Google My Business Listings

google my businessMost law firms that rank well on search engines understand the importance of their Google My Business listing. If a lawyer can get their Google My Business listing to show up in the #1-3 position of Maps results, then they’ll show up at the top of organic search rankings. Google My Business listings gain further significance as mobile searches increase, because a smaller screen size means a user has less space to see search results. So, if a law firm can show up in that Maps section, then they will occupy part of that smaller screen at a user’s first glance.

Physical location is an essential part of a law firm’s ranking potential. If you want to rank in Dallas, but are working from an office that’s an hour out of town, then your competitors in central Dallas are going to outrank you. This reality is difficult to swallow for many struggling or new law firms, because Google often considers distance when a user completes a search. Cheaper rent outside of town might end up meaning you won’t show up the way someone in a centralized location will show up.

A common solution to the location vs. ranking scenario is multiple listings on Google My Business. If your central location is outside a core city, you can set up a second Google My Business listing at an address in the city. Having more Google My Business listings is better than working with a single listing. However, these listings should all be managed under the same email.

If you decide to work with FirmFinder, we’ll want access to your law firm’s Google My Business listings to help you show up at the top of search engines. To ensure a straightforward onboarding process, be sure to know the correct logins for the emails that have your listing. From there, our SEO team will make sure the listings are set up properly for search engines.

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