Writing Content for Your Firm’s Website

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in services for law firms, FirmFinder has helped dozens of practices build their online presence. One piece that is crucial to getting found and growing a client base is content. Without well-written, original content, search engines cannot detect a website’s purpose and users cannot engage with the attorney. FirmFinder specializes in helping law firms develop meaningful content around their services to effectively communicate with potential clients and with search engines.

Sometimes, attorneys may want to develop their own content or learn more about FirmFinder content marketing strategy. When we’re writing content for a website, we stick to a few basic guidelines to ensure it reaches its full digital potential.

  1. Originality – No portion of a website’s content should be copied from another website. Google will diminish an attorney’s search rankings if the content was taken from another law firm’s site.
  2. Quality – This one seems simple, but a website with poor grammar and confusing writing will push away potential clients. We work with skilled writers who make sure that every page has clear and relevant content.
  3. Keywords – Content for a law firm should be written around the practice’s specific services. Users often search for legal assistance based on their unique needs, and a website with a page around that topic will rise to the top of rankings.

Whether you’re a brand new law firm or an established legal practice, FirmFinder is a great resource for building an online presence and developing a quality website. Call us today for a free quote! 866-910-1458.

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