Writing Law Content for Search Engines

Many attorneys understand the need for quality content on their website that informs the public and brings in clients. Well-written copy is also an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. As an SEO company for law firms across the U.S., Firm Finder specializes in crafting content that’s accurate and search-engine friendly. Our writers stick to a few essential guidelines when developing this copy:

Don’t: Focus on the specific law – Including specific statutes and writing detailed legal analysis around that mandate won’t increase rankings and won’t interest most visitors on the website. Content should be written for the layman and should be completely original. If a website includes too many word-for-word statutes, it may get penalized by Google for duplicate content.

Do: Include the location and the keyword – Content for law firms must pertain to a specific subject and location. If the writing is too general, search engines can’t ascertain the service and the website won’t rank for it.

Don’t: Write content that’s too short or too long: Many law firms are eager to share knowledge with the public through long, detailed legal briefings, but this can actually lower search engine rankings. Generally, each page of a website should include around 200 words of content.

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