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Why Google Ads Is Crucial To Scaling Your Firm

Before you launch Google Ads for lawyers, you must first have a good understanding of some of the terminology associated with the Google Ads platform.
Ad Rank – This is a value given by Google that determines your ad position (whether you are at the top of page 1 or the bottom of page 54684351). This value is calculated by your bid amount and quality score.

Average Position – This is how your ad stacks up against competing ads. Where your ad appears vs. where their ad appears.
Bid – The maximum amount you are willing to pay per click.
Conversion Rate – The number of times your ad results in a desired action ie: phone call.
CPA – Cost per Acquisition: The total amount of your ad spend divided by the number of conversions.
CTR – Click through Rate: The number of times your ad appears, divided by the number of times it is clicked.

There are countless reasons why every law firm should be using Google Ads to grow, however, there are two reasons that are especially attractive.

1.) Measurability

One of the greatest things about Pay Per Click advertising is you can measure every aspect of it and know exactly what is working, what isn’t, and how much money you are spending vs. how much you are making. Our PPC management experts will test different ad types as well as different ad content until we have found an approach that gives you, the attorney, the biggest return on your investment possible. The best part is you will be able to check every day to see how your Ads are performing using our custom, easy to comprehend analytics dashboard.

2.) Scalability

One of the challenges that every marketer faces, is finding the easiest and fastest way to produce more “leads” without having to provide more time or manpower. Well, the answer is Google Ads. Once we have acquired a comfortable CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), it’s as easy as increasing the ad budget. For example: if you are spending $1,000/month on Google Ads, and that is producing 50 clicks on your ad, which you are turning into 5 paying customers, then it is safe to say that by just increasing your spend to $2,000/month you will in turn receive 100 clicks to your ad resulting in 10 paying customers.

FirmFinder’s PPC management services are only for firms that are ready to grow. If you aren’t taking on the maximum number of clients your firm can handle, click here for a free legal marketing evaluation.

Client Opinions & Reviews

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“My office’s business increased exponentially and immediately after hiring Firm Finder. We are very thankful for their professionalism and expertise when it comes to advertising.”

Courtney Jones


Dan Zimberoff


“FirmFinder backs up their promotional words with actions and results. Within two days of my first campaign, legitimate leads came rolling in. After two weeks, I could barely keep up with the calls and email submissions. They are the real deal!”

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